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Rules and Regulations

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Concerning entries and exhibits:

1. Entry fees must accompany entries, which should be made in writing on the forms to be obtained from the Secretary, and signed by the Exhibitor or his or her agent and lodged with the Secretary, before Thursday prior to the Show at 4.00pm, unless stated otherwise.

2. Should entries be received by phone they must be settled for on the day of the Show. The Committee reserves the right of refusing or cancelling any entry without giving reasons for so doing.

3. An entry ticket must accompany each exhibit, and no exhibit can be received without it.

4. All exhibits must, on the day of entry, be the absolute bona-fide property of the exhibitor, and all fruit, vegetables and flowers produce must be the production of the exhibitors. Fruit, vegetables and flowers must be given by the exhibitor, except where stipulated to the contrary. Fancy work and Art sections must be the work of exhibitor. The Committee may call upon any exhibitor to make a statutory declaration to verify the statement made thereto.

5. The same exhibits may compete in as many sections as eligible until winning a first prize; after that it can only compete in Special Sections. (Not applicable to Horse Sections). For all Horse Sections where Champion awards are made, then the competitor second in the Class (Special Class Excepted) to be Champion shall be allowed to compete for the Reserve Champion.

6. The judge’s decision shall be final.

7. An exhibit shall not be permitted to appear with any distinguishing badge or mark prior to the prize being awarded.

8. The Executive Committee reserves the right of adjudicating on any questionable entry or on any point not provided in these rules, and its decision on all questions shall be final.

9. All exhibits must be in their place on the ground on the morning of the show as specified.

10. The judge or judges shall have power to say if any exhibit be not worthy of a first prize, and where there is only one entry the judge may award a first prize if the exhibit is on sufficient merit.

11. Any person commenting audibly in a disparaging manner on the judge’s decisions, or is guilty of any unseemly conduct or insulting behaviour will, after being cautioned by a member of the Committee, Steward or Secretary, be expelled from the showgrounds, and the said person may forfeit any prize money or trophies gained. All Societies affiliated with the G.V.R.S.A. shall be advised of this and under the Rules shall have power to take action.

12. Protests must be lodged with the Secretary, in writing, no later than one hour after the award, together with a deposit of $5.00, which will be forfeited to the Society should the protest be found on due consideration to be frivolous. All protests in connection with ring events must be lodged with the Secretary immediately after the event, and will be dealt with by the Protest Committee on day of Show.

13. Any person making protest may be required to sign a declaration in support, as the Committee do not undertake to call any evidence on the part of the person protesting upon whom the whole onus of proof shall lie.

14. (a) The Society shall not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by an exhibit, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall not hold the Society responsible, and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from such accident. Also the Society shall not be liable for injury caused by amusement devices.

(b) The Society shall not under any circumstances hold itself responsible for any misdelivery of livestock, loss or damage to Trade or other exhibits at the Society’s exhibition, or any loss or damage thereto. Therefore the responsiblity is on the owner.

(c) The Society shall not under any circumstances hold itself responsible for any loss by fire, storm, damage by water, flood or lightning. Exhibits and displays of all kinds accepted only on this condition.

15. All machinery in motion shall be in the care of an attendant and shall be either securely fenced or be in such a position or of such construction as to be equally safe to every person as it would be if it were securely fenced.

16. When the entries are received these will be posted in the register with all despatch, and the entry tickets forwarded at the discretion of the Secretary or retained for distribution on the Friday morning before the Show (especially for Arts and Crafts sections.)

17. Should any Exhibitor gaining a prize be disqualified the next one on the list does not necessarily obtain a prize. The Executive Committee of the Society shall decide the question with or without the assistance of the judges.

18. Only ribbons or cards gained on the day of the Show allowed to be displayed. The signing of the certificates of entry of any animal shall be taken as a guarantee that the animal is free from disease, as far as is known to the owner, but if disease is detected, the animal must be removed by the owner when requested by some responsible person or member of the Committee, and if the disease has been spread, the exhibitor shall be responsible.

19. No pavilion exhibit must be taken from the showground before 4.00pm Sunday.

20. The privileges of distributing trade circulars, advertisements, announcements or documents is restricted exclusively to exhibits at their respective stands. No collectors or agents appealing for funds will be permitted to do so without the permission of the Committee. (e.g. Raffles) Any infringement of this regulation will incur expulsion from the ground.

21. (a) Side Show/Trade Space Head Steward shall have full control of positions allotted to side shows and industrial exhibits and on no account may such be removed without the permission of the Stewards.

(b) All Traders are requested to be attendance till 4.00pm each day of the Show. Consideration will be given for Special Circumstances.

(c) Traders will only receive two (2) single passes per day of the Show with a minimum site.

(d) Entry tickets must be handed to the Gatekeepers upon entry of the Showgrounds. Stamp outs will be given if required.

22. All awards subject to confirmation.

23. Exhibitors are to check with section heads for conditions. Points awarded in all sections unless otherwise stipulated, shall be - First 3 points, Second 2 points, Third 1 point - in the event of equal first - First and second points divided, second 1 point, third nil. Should there be equal second, second and third points divided.

24. Exhibitors are to collect Prize Money from Chief Stewards on Show Day.

25. All Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

26. All Prizes may be subject to change without notice.



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